This is a program designed to provide running shoes for Junior High & High School athletes who show an interest in running long distance but may not have the means for the necessary equipment. Recommendations are made by Junior High & High School coaches who work closely with us and the distribution process. Each recipient will receive a gift card from John Michael’s Closet to GetFit where they can be properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.  The recipient will also receive a second pair of shoes provided by Mission Amarillo Shoe Closet.
Our 2024 goal is to raise $5,000 to stock this virtual closet and honor John Michael’s willingness to help others.

About Us

Learn more about the life of John Michael Morrison.


Learn more about the life of John Michael Morrison.


Learn more about the John Michael Morrison Scholarship.

Amanda had a vision to do more to help long-distance runners. She was passionate about the sport and understood the challenges that aspiring runners, especially junior high students, faced. Many young athletes had the talent and drive but lacked the proper equipment to excel. Amanda focused on one essential item that could make a significant difference: running shoes. Her goal was to provide new pairs of running shoes to junior high students who aspired to run but couldn’t afford high-quality footwear.

Amanda’s vision wasn’t just about providing shoes but about nurturing potential, supporting dreams, and building a community where young runners felt valued and equipped to pursue their passion. She believed that these students could achieve great things on and off the track with the right support.

Today, Amanda’s vision came full circle with the launch of John Michael’s Closet, a charitable organization dedicated to her mission.

Stormi Martinez

We are thrilled to announce that the recipient of this first award is Stormi Martinez. Her dedication, hard work, and passion for running have made her a standout candidate for this honor. Congratulations, Stormi! We look forward to seeing all that you will achieve on your running journey with the support of John Michael’s Closet.